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You have worked hard for your money and naturally want to feel secure in who is managing it. You seek an advisor with your best interests in mind—a true partner.

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Just like you, each of our clients are unique. They each have their own personal and financial goals, as well as their own concerns. At Samalin, we are experts in integrating the personal with the financial. It’s the insights that we’ve gathered over a collective 80 years that our team shares with you. We’ll get to know you, your family and your finances- not just today, but years into the future.


We are proud that leading attorneys, accountants and mediators trust us, such that they regularly introduce Samalin Investment Counsel and Samalin Divorce Finance to their clients, their firms and their families.


You’ve worked a lifetime to accumulate your wealth. With this new freedom is a newfound responsibility. We regularly manage these precious financial realities so that you can enjoy this freedom with confidence.


Our goal is to empower you with expertise and experience so that you can excel financially as you create your next stage of life. This isn’t done alone; we’ll assist every step of the way and check in with you so that you are aware of the status of your finances. Trial and error isn’t an option.


Risk is second nature for entrepreneurs, but that doesn’t mean that you need to take unnecessary risks. Our financial advice compliments your existing financial program so that you can focus on your businesses.

Corporate Executives

Your career is the cornerstone of your financial plan. We can help by overseeing the management of available retirement plans, option programs and deferred compensation plans. Your company enjoys the knowledge and guidance of a CFO. We believe you do too, and you’ll find it in us.

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