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You’ll find that many well-meaning friends and family members will offer advice regarding your divorce. Some of that information will be accurate, and some won’t be. We’ve found that regardless of how much you listen, the questions persist. How are you going to plan for an event you’ve never experienced before, let alone plan for its successful outcome?

Step 1- Understand that there is a beginning, middle and end to your divorce. Your professional team will work with you through the entire process. Our goal is for you to relax and focus on what’s important to you, knowing that your finances are being looked after. Your future is being planned right now.

Step 2- Understand that emotions are different from money, but they influence each other. Acknowledge them both, but treat them differently. We’ll assist in showing you rational and creative financial solutions. Clarity is important at this point. We serve as an objective advisor.

Step 3- At the end of the settlement, you’ll be ready to create a new reality. We’ll be there to set up your new team of professionals, and–most importantly–confirm that you receive what you’ve worked so hard for in the settlement.

Divorce Financial Planning

We appreciate that our client have different levels of financial experience. We’re told that our strength lies in translating complex financial issues into very clear concepts. We’ll get you up to speed regardless of your current financial acumen.

What are your divorce process options?

We’ve found that many couples aren’t aware of the different types of divorce available today. Each couple has its own needs and should research what process is right for them. We have experience in providing divorce financial planning services across all platforms with a singular goal: for you to be confident with your decisions in your divorce, and to be at ease knowing that your financial future has been well-planned for.

A mediation is headed by a mediator and a financial neutral, who work on behalf of both spouses to assist them in developing settlement options and financial strategies. The financial neutral also educates both spouses as to what is being asked of them, and what they are asking for financially. We can also act as a financial consultant to only one of the  parties, to help them to achieve an individual financial viewpoint.

Couples in a collaborative case each have their own counsel to achieve a mutually agreeable settlement. We act as a financial neutral and work with both clients and both attorneys to create new financial options, making sure both parties have a full understanding of their financial past, present and future.

We are retained by one of the spouses to provide a complete understanding of their financial circumstances. Our goal is to support the client and their counsel to achieve a maximized settlement result. The other spouse doesn’t have access to our strategy discussions as we aren’t retained by the couple.

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