Finding Hidden Assets During Divorce

Some couples have unequal responsibilities when it comes to their finances. One spouse may be the high earner and make the investing decisions where the other is the lower earner and pays the bills. Clearly, the spouse who makes the investment decisions has more control and knowledge of the balance sheet and net worth of […]

How To Handle Job Loss During Your Divorce

A job loss during divorce may make negotiations for spousal or child support more complicated but not insurmountable. If you or your spouse lose a job, the divorce agreement can dictate a formula or percentage that will be used to compute the support payments after re-employment. This article  provides tips and explains issues to consider when […]

Family income goes down after a divorce. What does this mean for kids’ education?

During divorce, parents worry about the effects on children, both emotional and financial. Since financial resources will be divided between two households, children’s academic tutoring or extra-curricular activities may have to be cut back. It turns out that for white families, a drop in family income has a negative effect on the educational outcomes for […]

McKenzie Bezos: 4 Wealth Strategy Concerns

Because of the extensive media attention, celebrity divorces provide us with a look into the financial complexities of high asset divorce. Recently, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, and his wife, MacKenzie, managed to arrive at an agreement outside of the court so that the details remain private.  The couple managed the press without any accusations […]