Finance Focus Video: The 4% Rule

This video goes out to the pre-retirees – today’s topic is the 4% rule for your retirement assets. What is the 4% rule for distributions from retirement assets? The rule states that once you enter retirement, you can safely withdraw 4% from your retirement accounts and still maintain those accounts throughout a 30-year retirement. From […]

Finance Focus Video: Closed-end Funds vs. ETFs

Today’s topic is “What are closed end funds and how do they differ from ETFs”.   Exchange-traded funds – It’s a security that trades like a stock, in real time on an exchange, generally has passive management, historically meant to track an index, low expense ratio.   They come in a host of flavors in […]

Divorce and Awards of Stock Options and Restricted Stock to Employees

During your divorce, it is important to understand the ins and outs of employment compensation packages — both your own and your spouse’s. Besides wages, employee compensation may include cash bonuses, stock options, restricted stock and restricted stock units. Such awards may be used to reward past performance or to incentivize the employee in the […]