5 Money Questions You Should Ask Before Getting Married

Spring and summer are popular seasons for weddings so many of us will be celebrating in the near future. By now, the engaged couple has learned a lot about each other- where they grew up and went to school, who the important people are in their lives, what their hopes are for the future, etc.  […]

Financial Tune-Up After Divorce

After the divorce is final, you should take a breath and refrain from making major changes or big commitments.  However, your finances will need some special attention. Creating a budget and tracking expenses could give you some security in knowing that your income and spending are in line. You will most likely want to change […]

The IRS and Your Divorce

We like to say that your divorce involves three parties: you, your spouse, and the IRS.  As result, there are several tax issues to keep in mind while moving forward with your divorce including spousal support, deductions, credits, and real estate transactions. This ARTICLE provides a short summary. For details regarding any specific issue, a […]