Finance Focus Video: How does compound interest benefit you

Today’s topic is compound interest. When you deposit funds in your bank saving account, you earn intereston your principal. The bank pays interest each month on the original principal and on the interest from the prior month. Compound interes tis the result of reinvesting interest, rather than paying it out, so that interest compounds upon […]

Taxes and Divorce

As the divorce process proceeds, you will be presented with options and action items. It is important to consider the tax costs/savings that result from such choices: from splitting financial accounts to claiming child tax credits. A certified divorce financial analyst could preview your options and provide guidance. This article describes some situations which may […]

Finance Focus Video: What is your Risk Profile?

Today’s topic is risk profiling for your portfolio.This is a very personal component of your investment experience. Your risk preferences are likely different than mine, or your neighbors, your colleagues, or your spouse.It’s really like a fingerprint for your investment process. So let’s focus on the three risk components of risk: Risk capacity: can you […]

Finance Focus Video: Real Estate Investment Options

We have a lot of clients with real estate interests and ask which is better-real estate in REIT form, real estate in private equity, or direct real estate ownership. Each has pluses and minuses-direct real estate ownership allows: Different ownership structures, tax flexibility and depreciation and passive activity losses in the year of sale, leverage. […]