How to Split Home Value in a Divorce

The marital home may represent a significant piece of a divorcing couple’s net worth. Unlike financial accounts which are readily evaluated, a home will require an appraisal or two to determine its market value. After the parties agree to the value, there are several options to consider in splitting the home equity as explained in […]

Same-sex Divorce Poses Complications for Some Splitting Couples

Same-sex divorces have some unique considerations. For example, depending on the state, the length of the marriage may be determined from the date of marriage or may be adjusted to account for the period of cohabitation. In addition, prior to the legalization of same sex marriage, some couples may have registered as domestic partners in […]

The Republican Tax Plan Imposes a New Divorce Penalty

By now, we have all heard bits and pieces of the sweeping tax plan proposed by Republican lawmakers. Interestingly, there is a significant provision that will affect divorcing couples. Whereas current tax law allows the payor spouse to deduct alimony payments and requires the payee spouse to pay taxes on alimony received, the proposed tax […]